QR Codes

As smart phones are becoming more widely used, more businesses are using QR Codes as part of their marketing package.

With your smart phone, check if you have one of the many QR Code reading apps installed. Simply take a picture of the code and this will direct you to such information as URLs, contact details, and basically a dedicated, mobile-friendly landing page, where companies display their promotions.


Let us design and print your "smartposter".

Imagine...your shop is closed; a prospective customer walks by and sees an item that interests them. They scan the QR Code on your "smartposter" hanging in your shop window, and this leads them to your online shop where they can purchase your product and have it delivered to their home.

Market with QR Codes:

Have a QR Code printed on your marketing collateral and engage consumers with your products and promotions. Increasingly QR Codes are appearing in newspapers, magazines, business cards, flyers, brochures and promotional videos.

Be creative in where you place your QR Codes to help with your marketing. You could place them in printed adverts, product packaging, posters, menus, order forms and receipts.